Essential Elements that Slow Down Skin Aging


Welcome to Eliko Glow, your trusted destination for Korean skincare secrets that unlock the fountain of youth! In the pursuit of ageless beauty, understanding the fundamental elements that contribute to slowing down skin aging is paramount. Korean skincare, renowned for its innovative and effective approach, emphasizes these essential elements to help you achieve youthful, radiant skin. Let's delve into the heart of timeless beauty.

Hydration: The Quenching Elixir

Hydration is the cornerstone of youthful skin. Properly moisturized skin is resilient, plump, and less prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Korean skincare often incorporates hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide to maintain the skin's moisture barrier. Amp up your hydration game with our curated selection of hydrating toners, essences, and serums.

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
The highly concentrated essence contains 96% snail mucin, a powerful ingredient known to aid in skin repair, hydration, brightness, and tone. Like a multivitamin for your skin, this replenishing essence contains nutrients to repair skin damage, boost elasticity, and maintain skin moisture.

DR.CEURACLE Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence
This detoxifying cream-essence hydrates, balances and creates healthy glowing skin. Infused with 20% Kombucha Tea Extract, essence purifies pores and softens skin texture for a better skin condition. The fermented black tea, rich in probiotics and vitamin B, and Sunflower Seed Oil Extract replenish dehydrated skin and strengthen skin barrier with ceramide and proteins.

PURITO Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack
A sleeping pack with Ceramide, Centella Asiatica and Hyaluronic Acid that soothes the skin and forms a healthy moisture barrier that prevents water loss and keeps skin well-hydrated overnight. Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from harmful environmental stressors. Centella Asiatica soothes and reduces skin inflammation. Squalane prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin and soothes its texture.


Exfoliation: Renewing Radiance

Regular exfoliation is essential to shed dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover. It reveals fresh, glowing skin and allows skincare products to penetrate effectively. Korean skincare embraces gentle exfoliation through both physical and chemical exfoliants like AHA, BHA, and enzymes. Discover our exfoliating wonders that unveil your skin's natural radiance.

SOME BY MI AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Truecica Clear Pad
This is a mild cotton pad with highly-concentrated CICA essence, working to eliminate current and future acne breakouts. With a blend of naturally-derived AHA, BHA, and PHA, the pads help promote exfoliation while reducing sebum and minimizing pores.

 BEAUTY OF JOSEON Red Bean Refreshing Pore Mask
Exfoliating, acne-fighting and pore-minimizing clay mask with Haenam Red Bean Extract 30% helps remove dead skin cells and impurities for clear and refined skin and a refreshing cooling feeling.

COS DE BAHA LS Lactic Acid 12.5% Face Peel Serum
A powerful, yet gentle, lactic acid 12.5% (AHA) serum that gently exfoliates to visibly even tone, refine, and improve the clarity of blemish-prone skin. Lactic acid brightens, smooths, and evens skin, while also making it look firmer.


Antioxidants: The Age-Defying Warriors

Antioxidants are your skin's best defense against free radicals, which accelerate aging. Korean skincare integrates potent antioxidants like Vitamin C, Green Tea, and Ginseng. These ingredients fight off oxidative stress, diminish dark spots, and promote a youthful complexion. Explore our antioxidant-rich serums and creams for an age-defying boost.

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Ginseng Essence Water
A refreshing and nourishing essence enriched with Hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients for smoother and revitalized skin. The essence toner contains 80% Ginseng root water, Ginseng callus culture extract, Ginseng root extract, Ginseng berry extract, Lactobacillus/Ginseng root ferment filtrate.

TONYMOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Moisture Cream
Formulated with pure fermented green tea extract in lieu of distilled water, this antioxidant-rich cream is gel-based to provide intense hydration without being sticky or too heavy on the skin. The gel-based cream contains over 63% Fermented Green Tea Extract and allows the skin to retain moisture for long hours by forming a thin hydrating layer on dry skin.

COSRX The Vitamin C 23 Serum
This highly concentrated serum fades acne scars and hyperpigmentation for a brighter, radiant complexion. It contains 23% concentrated pure vitamin C that effectively fades dark spots and boosts collagen production. Panthenol and Sodium Hyaluronate strengthen the skin barrier and help to maintain moisture which is effective in soothing skin irritation caused by dryness.


Collagen and Peptides: Rebuilding Youth

Collagen and peptides are the building blocks that maintain skin elasticity and firmness. As we age, our skin's collagen production diminishes, resulting in sagging and wrinkles. Korean skincare harnesses these ingredients to stimulate collagen synthesis and improve skin texture. Dive into our selection of collagen-infused products for a more youthful, revitalized look.

TIAM Vita A Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer
Anti-wrinkle moisturizer with Vitamin A, Collagen, Adenosine and Vitamin E slows down the signs of aging such as loss of elasticity and uneven skin tone and texture for a smoother and youthful-looking complexion.

COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream
The COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream is a powerhouse skincare product. Infused with Snail Mucin and Peptides, this eye cream is specifically formulated to address the delicate eye area. It helps to hydrate, brighten, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

SOME BY MI Retinol Intense Reactivating Serum
A powerful anti-aging serum that is specially formulated to target fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. This serum contains Retinol, Retinal, Collagen and Bakuchiol to encourage skin cell turnover and collagen production, which helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as reduces the size of pores and brightens your complexion.




Incorporating these essential elements into your daily skincare routine is the key to achieving timeless beauty. Embrace the transformative power of Korean skincare and unlock a radiant, youthful complexion. Discover our handpicked selection of products, crafted to help you slow down the aging clock and embrace ageless, glowing skin. Happy skincare, happy aging!

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